My raisers were very busy in November and took me to many places, some of which were familiar and some new and very different.

I went to different mall and took PADS Bonnie along for company. We met PADS Velvet and her raiser Teri. Teri put us all through our paces and we practiced duration sits, stands and downs in a high distraction setting. It was difficult but I managed to do it. We had our picture taken in front of a Christmas tree. I don’t know what Christmas is but it looks pretty.

I also went to visit my raiser’s friend at Crossroads Hospice. Hospice was a very quiet place with lots of different people, smells and sounds. I kept my cool when practicing meeting people and brought smiles to the people who stay and work there.

I also went to my first Remembrance Day ceremony. There was a band, a squawky thing called bagpipes, lots of noise, people shouting commands and even a rifle volley. The first rifle volley startled me but I didn’t even flinch or move from my sit on the third. It was a long day and afterwards I needed to rest when we went to the restaurant.

Submitted By: Ross and Veronica Spenard