My raisers have told me “Fall is in the air”. The air does smell different but I think that is because of the local bears who are still wandering about. I went to the PADS Grad and saw lots of clients with their new companion. I was very proud to be there and see what my training can do for people. This month I had a weekend of getting to know my raiser’s grandchildren. We quickly became friends and learned how to relax together. I also visited a polling station. I’m not sure what voting is but I was told that it was important. I went with my friend PADS Bonnie and waited patiently while our raisers voted.

There was lots of activity in our neighbourhood with houses being decorated and people dressed up for Halloween. I went out as a Viking Princess and walked around with little “trick or treaters”. PADS Bonnie dressed up as Bowser and we both kept our cool when the fireworks began.

Submitted By: Veronica & Ross Spenard