Oh woof! Where do the days go? September is over and here is October already. I guess I made an impression on the school hoomans where PADS sitter Miss Fiona works because they made me my very own staff card. I haven’t been able to pick it up yet because I have had to wear my fancy pants and it just wouldn’t be proper to wear them at school. I thought after my 1st time wearing the fancy pants that I wouldn’t have to wear them again. My raisers have told me to get used to them… What does that mean?

So I have had to take a pause from school and am laying low at home. No really, I am laying low, sleeping here, there, anywhere and looking for lots of scritches and comfort food. I am getting out but my raisers are very careful where we go and I can only really play with PADS Bonnie. Even then my play is over quickly because I tire out and need to nap.

On one of our walks I started seeing big orange balls with funny or scary faces in front of houses. Even my house had a couple. Then creepy decorations started appearing on lawns, houses and hanging in trees. I was really curious and had to sniff lots of them to check them out. I seemed to remember the same thing happened last year. Some kind of festival? My hoomans told me it was all for Halloween and that I had to pick a costume. How could I pick a costume if I couldn’t go into the stores and check everything out? So I let them choose one for me and WOOF did they find a gooder! I was Batdog. Superhero extraordinaire and PADS Bonnie was Wonder Woman. I was very calm and focused on my raiser as we walked around with lots of little hoomans on Halloween. I didn’t even startle when there were lots of loud pops, bangs and flashes of light in the sky. I got lots of extra kibble for that. It was a long night and I finished it with a stuffed kong and a long sleep.

So October was finished with a bang and I’m still wearing my fancy pants. But my raisers have told me I soon will be back to my old self. I can’t wait… Well gotta to go I feel a nap coming on. Till next time, yawn, zzzzz….