St. Patricks DayGamay loves the sunshine!  Nothing can be better than lying in the warm sun!
Playing in the sprinkler! and going for long walks! Summer is on its way!

Because before the warm summer days……

April showers bring May flowers, but what about March rain?
For Gamay it’s an opportunity to play, she never sees it as a pain!
She is always an optimistic,  fun loving kind of doggy
Who doesn’t mind that the rain makes her soggy!


In the RainBring on the puddles!
Bring on the wet!
With her snazzy PADS vest,
She’s all set!

Vancouver Giants game






Gamay loves spring!  Lots of fun events, Vancouver Giants games that she loves to watch, St. Paddy’s fundraiser for PADS where she danced the night away and lots of
friends and family to visit and socialize with. She is a party kinda gal!