Happy New Year Everyone!

What a busy month we have had in December! I was out and about to lots of different places and was a good girl as Santa was coming!

I stayed with Heidi Clarkson and her family for a couple of weeks in late November and early December. Some of my activities included attending a Stuart McLean concert at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, visiting Santa at his workshop, and then we had a houseful of people for the Christmas week including my “cousins” (2 Westies from Victoria). All grand fun and, for the most part, I was well behaved!

Xmas day we had tons of people here all day and Santa brought us all many wonderful gifts. I was exhausted when it was all done! I’m looking forward to January! Not only is it birthday month but I get to go back to classes with my peers and work on all our skills!

Submitted by our awesome PADS Volunteer Puppy Raisers, Fran and Al Boyd.

Gamay-2014-12-1-enjoying-peace-after-xmas  Gamay-2014-12-4-this-is-comfy