Ginger loves to run and recalls like a rocket when being recalled.  We’ve been working in the field on recall, trying this command while off-leash.  She is now at 60% success!  She can walk past people off leash, but is triggered when she sees another dog.

Ginger is a curious little girl and loves her walks and cuddles in my lap.  She greets each morning as if it’s her first, with affection and her skippy bounce.  She brings a smile to our faces everyday!

Submitted By: Barb Dimnik

Ginger spent a few days with Part-time Raisers, Jackie Thompson & Brian Ness, who reported:  “Ginger is a fun dog to work with.  She learns quickly and is easily motivated by human contact as well as kibble.  We worked quite a bit on her recall while she was with us. She improved quickly.  After a couple days she could be in full play mode with our dog and reliably recall without hesitation. Walking her on a long line she enjoyed the extra freedom and quickly learned she was still required to check in, didn’t have to go see every dog or person and needed to come when called from a distance. A work in progress obviously but fun to see her enthusiasm to learn and her progress.”

Additional Photos Submitted By: Jackie Thompson & Brian Ness (part-time raisers)