Goose is a very sweet puppy. He is a happy little boy who has been enjoying new sights and sounds. He likes playing in our front yard and watching the world go by. He loves leaves swirling in the wind and tries to chase them. He has met a few neighbours while out. Last week, he walked quietly beside our neighbour’s 2-year-old, side-by-side a little way down the driveway. He is comfortable walking on grates and stepped onto a small puddle that had iced over in our driveway. He likes stepping on a little step-stool in the kitchen.

Goose seems unconcerned by noises – hammering, drilling, vacuuming, doorbells, kitchen sounds and music. He especially likes classical music – Eastern and Western. It puts him to sleep straight away! Goose settles well in his kennel, settles quietly on his mat and is learning to respond to his name.

Submitted By: Tharini and Tanvi