Hellllllooooooo Rocky Mountains!  Mom and Dad decided to take a mini-vacation this year to the Delta Lodge in Kananaskis.  They allow dogs so my brother, Brodie got to come along too.  We did lots of fun stuff!  Hiking at Johnson Canyon, paddling in Two Jack, a gondola ride and of course stopping in at Beamers in Canmore and shopping.  We even went golfing at Banff Springs.  Brodie and got to spend our early mornings running through the fields and chasing each other.  Mom says my recall is super!!!  There was lots to smell and check out but I listened really good and ran back to her when she called me.  I really like wading the water but unlike my brother, I don’t like swimming.  I’d rather ride on the paddle board or in a canoe.  It’s fun to watch Brodie though and I don’t even mind when I get wet after he shakes off!  Oh!  One day we were on a walk and I heard other “dogs” howling so to everyone’s surprise, I howled back!!! LOL!! Mom was laughing and I guess she happened to get a picture of it.  I figure the dogs out there like to know who is visiting their land so I let them know!  My mom and dad now call me “Holla Back Girl”

Submitted By: Tanya L. Miller