Wow!!  Where did the year go?  So much fun stuff and learning happened . . . I am kind of sad to see 2016 go.  I was trying to choose pictures to share with you that show you a bit more of who I am and my life outside of the work I do at Dr. E. P. Scarlett HS.  So the picture with the smiling lady . . . well she has been with me and my momma every step of the way.  She loves me as much as my momma does!  We play together, train together and I even spent some time with her Maggie (Cocker Spaniel).  Ayesha works in my school so I’m SO lucky that I get to see her every day.  I know that change lives but this lady, she has changed mine in a wonderful way.

The Chocolate Lab . . . that is Nala.  Nala is my cousin and we have kinda grown up together.  I love her to bits!!!!  My Uncle Trevor says we were made for each other . . . he he . . . I have to agree.  Nala was the first big dog that I really got to know and play with and she is always really nice to me even when I am a little bit naughty J 

The last picture is the new Heartstrings Sheltie puppies that arrived just before Christmas!!!  I am a Heartstrings Sheltie and I am SO SO lucky to have such a big extended Sheltie family.  I can’t wait for these puppies to get a little bit bigger so that I can play with them!! 

I am so blessed to have many families.  I have my momma and my family at home.  They love me to the moon and back and take really good care of me.  I have my Sheltie family who helps me and my mom honor my breed.  I have my Scarlett family who has always believed in me and appreciated the work and time that goes into training a service dog.  And of course my PADS family!

Have a wonderful 2017!  I hope this year is filled with amazing new adventures and beautiful people to share them with J

Love, Gracie

Submitted By: Tanya Miller