Gracie II Jan 2015 01 smlI was asked to write about my favourite walk. This may sound a little mushy but my favourite walk is one that takes me wherever I feel loved and can make a difference. I am a very lucky puppy because I get to spend lots of time at my favourite high school where I have made some super special friends. We play, go for walks, cuddle and sometimes we even laugh together!!!

The best days are those days where after I lick away tears and see a smile happen. I love making people smile. My mom tells me that I don’t know how much I really do change lives . . . so I guess my walks take not just me but my friends to a Gracie II Jan 2015 02 smlgood place, too.

I’ve added a picture of my great-grandma and me at a recent dog show. I love going to dog shows to cheer on my family and friends. Nikki is 12 years old and still winning hearts and ribbons. She is a true champion both inside the ring and out. I’m proud to come from the HeartStrings Sheltie family.

Submitted by our sensational PADS puppy-in-training, Gracie II, and her amazing PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Tanya Miller.