This month I turned 9 months old!  My big bro, PADS Hero, hung out with me for a bit and we played together a lot.

I spent some time with sitters while my raiser went on vacation, and then she came home and took me on vacation, too.

I went on my first flight to Alberta, sleeping the entire way on the plane (I may have let out a few woofs in my puppy dreams, oops!)



I got to be a farm dog for a week where I encountered some horses and got to work on my off-leash skills. We then did a ten hour drive to the Okanagan, which I managed to sleep the entire way through with only very brief stops every couple hours – by far my longest car ride ever and I rocked it!

In the Okanagan, I learned how to paddle board and kayak, and also got in some good swimming practice and worked on my skills at the mall. Then we flew back to Vancouver and I had to go entirely naked through security this time around, but don’t worry, I ran right to my raiser when she called me and the security personnel were all very impressed and asked my raiser lots of questions.

This month we’ve been continuing to work on my dog-distraction (I just love other dogs so much!) and my prey-drive (geese and squirrels are pretty cool, okay?!)  We also did a puppy class field trip to the PNE, where there were lots of food smells, tons of other dogs, horses, cows, sheep, birds, and more, to train around!

That’s all for this month.  Stay tuned for my adventures to come!

Submitted By: Heather Cochrane