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The mission: To deliver PADS puppy Sherman to Calgary

It was a journey of epic proportions. On December 13th, Dorado & Gwynn went on a road trip to Calgary.

The first leg of the journey took us from Vancouver to Enderby. Puppy raiser Brian put the 3 of us in the SUV and off we went. After a five-hour journey with plenty of pee (& play) stops, we arrived safely for our overnight. The next morning, Brian & puppy sitter Paul got us all up bright and early and we headed off to Calgary.

Gwynn-Dorado-Dec-2014-1It was a beautiful December Sunday, with excellent road conditions. We even got to play in the snow just outside of Golden, BC. After dropping Sherman off safely to a Calgary PADS volunteer, we headed back to BC. Gwynn got to stay in Vernon for the Christmas break with  puppy sitter Paul. Dorado returned to Vancouver with puppy raiser Brian.

We traveled a total of 1893 kms. Mission accomplished!

Submitted by our tremendous PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Brian Smith.