This month was really enjoyable. We went camping, and it was a blast. I met lots of new humans, saw some dogs, and had great naps. During our trip we went paddle boarding which was a fun experience and the water was freezing. I don’t understand how my sissy loved it. This month we were working on how I could be more gentle when I eat my food, I think I am gentle enough though. Also, practicing heels. I am good at it. We worked on sitting still which I hated because it was so hard! I did okay, that’s what my mommy said. Apparently, my teeth aren’t in the best shape, so I had to keep a ball in my mouth. It was tasty even though they didn’t even put anything in or on it. I also started pooping liquidy and I was very confused so mommy took me to the doctors and gave me a diet. Daddy is very kind to me. Once in a while he gives me a special treat. Also, both my sissy’s are super fun to play with, but I bite too hard so I need to be more gentle, but it’s hard. I lost 9 teeth. I think that’s a record for one month with the most teeth lost! My sissy keeps them, and I have no idea why.

Submitted by: Crystal