IMG_5674It seems like just yesterday that I delivered my beautiful litter of Trekkers, and yet tomorrow those tiny little babes will be big enough to leave the nest and head out on the next stage of their journey: Puppy-Raising!!!

Usually we tell you what I did, but I’ve been happily catching up on my rest (raising puppies makes me one sleepy Momma) but this month I’m going to introduce you to my babies. I’m so happy to be home with my Teri, Rory and puppy Sif (I MISSED THEM!!).  BUT, I’m pretty proud of my puppies they are smart and beautiful pups — they have all learned their names, to come when they are called and how to sit for their supper.  I’m sure they are going to change the world in magnificent ways!!

I’m so excited to see the places they’ll go:

  • One of my sweet boys is going to PADS Calgary to be raised by some wonder people Carmen and Jenny (they raised a Saint named Blaise), he’ll get to travel there all the way through the Rocky Mountains with a new Golden Retriever friend.  I’m glad he’ll have company on the trip — what an adventure for a little man!
  •  Three more of my puppies will be going to schools in the States in a few months (two girls and a boy) — I’m very grateful that sitters have signed up to give them an amazing start.
  • One of my babies is going to a wonderful new raiser who lives in an apartment downtown,
  • Another to a wonderful second time raiser Diane (she raised the handsome Potter from the Harry Potter Litter)
  • Finally one lucky little puppy is going to grow up in the house where he/she was born with Brian, Tara, T’ea and Matthew! How exciting!!!


Pronounced buh-lanna

BellanaB’Ellana was my first puppy born and is in LOVE WITH LIFE.  She is the only puppy with white on her chest (though so little it will probably go away when her full coat comes in). With her littermate she is the fearless leader.  She takes on every obstacle and new thing with glee, typically with great gusto (which can be entertaining as she hasn’t entirely learned how to use her feet yet!). At home she’s much calmer than her “crazy little sisters”. She makes us laugh because while she is a quick learner, she has trouble solving problems sometimes. When she was a newborn it was “hey who put that corner there and how am I going to get out of it?!” now she sometimes finds herself behind an obstacle like the wrong side of an open gate and tries everything she can think of to get around it (but it usually takes her a try or 6).  She’s a sweet gentle girl and loves to give kisses.  She as the first to learn to hold her sit for her dinner, and loves going for walks on leash.


SuluLike his sister B’Ellana Sulu is confident and ready for anything.  He loves to rough and tumble with his brothers and sisters and he and Seven LOVE to play tug with each other.  He is a super smart boy, and runs to Tara’s feet and sits because he wants to be the first puppy to get petted (Tara only pets my puppies if they are sitting so they learn not to jump).  Unlike his brothers and sisters who will sit and then get impatient and jump all 4 feet off the ground Sulu will sit patiently knowing that his lovin’ will come soon enough!   He’s a snuggly calm boy that takes everything in stride.  The neatest thing about Sulu is that he’s “splashed” brown — meaning that his coat is not pure black — check out this photo of his stripey feet!!  The brown has gotten more and more visible as he’s gotten older.  He’s going to be a stunning boy!



ScottyScotty is my biggest pup, who already weighs in at nearly 17lbs!! Scotty loves to play with his littermate and especially to jump on them while they are trying to sleep! Scotty loves his toys and can often be seen curled up with a stuffy, a blankie AND a chew toy!  He’s going to make an amazing service dog — he will retrieve anything:  metal dishes, his toys, keys, an umbrella, shoes, he even tried to retrieve the full water bowl one day!  He never chews these things just carries them around and then brings them to you — prancing he’s so proud!!  I think maybe he might like to visit the farm someday — why? Because he likes to gallop when he’s walking on leash (who would walk anywhere when you could gallop)!  He also has light eyes like me, which I hope will stay when he’s big and brave — he’ll be very handsome!


RikerMy boy Riker is a unique, happy man!  He’s the only yellow boy, and is almost red (like his grandad).  He has a bright white blaze on his chest and a white “donut” around his tail!  Riker is also the strong silent type.  When all the pups are in a pile, he’ll often go off to another corner by himself. He doesn’t get fussed by anything and takes on all new obstacles willingly.  Riker is a very smart pup that loves to walk on leash and learns quickly (especially where kibble crunchies are involved!).  Riker loves to impress with his rockstar “sit” and recall!




Seven-2Seven was the “baby” of the bunch — the last one born and the smallest — but she’s not baby-ish at all, she is scrappy and fiesty and won’t take any silliness from her brothers and sisters.  She likes to tell off her littermates often with a growly bark that sometimes sounds like a lion cub.  Seven LOVES to cuddle, if Tara picks her up she usually wants to put one paw on each side of her face and then LICK LICK LICK her face — it’s like she’s trying to hang on so Tara can’t get away!  She is the most creative puppy when it comes to solving. When her littermate would push her off me when she was trying to wiggle her way in for lunch, she’d climb WAY up on my back so she could nurse from the top and the other puppies wouldn’t knock her off. She is also the escape artist and has had more running amok in the house than any other puppies! Seven has one paw that looks like the toes were dipped in white paint (can you see it in the back of this photo (her left back paw) and speckled dappled lips.


[pronounced Jad-zee-yuh)

JadziaJadzia is my amazing big girl — she started out not that much bigger than Nerys and Seven, and now bigger than B’Ellana!  She LOVES her kibbles and will work hard for them.  She is the problem solver of the bunch, she likes to figure our how to climb under, over and around things, and likes to sleep in silly spots that she wiggles into.  I think she might be like my buddy Merlot, a “cave dweller” that LOVES her crate, or lying under a bench or table wherever she goes! Jadzia is very snuggly and loves to curl up at your feet.  She is a BEAUTIFUL girl, she has dark red fur and a black black nose.




[pronounced Narisse]

NerysNerys is the true “littlest sister” — even though she is a tiny bit bigger than Seven, she seems younger than the other pups.  She’s a little less coordinated and a little less patient than they are.  She is super sweet, affectionate and willing…but teeny tiny!  When she tries to go down the slide she sometimes has to bounce and bark at it first — just to tell it who the boss is before she slides down!  Nerys is the most persistent puppy — one day her toy fell out of the pen and she tried so many ways to get it back — with her mouth, her paw, by pushing the gate, etc.  She loves to run and crunch in the leaves — and she loves sounds — maybe she might make a good hearing dog one day.