Halo had the most wonderful month!  She moved to her whelping home, where they had set up a whole room just for her: comfy beds, yummy treats and LOTS of food.  On the 11th of September she welcomed her second litter: The Star Trek Puppies.  Four healthy girls B’Ellana (black), Jadzia (yellow), Nerys (black) & Seven (yellow) and three big boys Scotty (black), Sulu (black) and Riker (yellow).  Halo Sept 1

She’s a wonderful momma, making sure her puppies are spotless, snuggled and fed at all times.  She’s enjoying all the yummy things that come with having babies including ice cream during delivery and heaps of food to make sure she has lots of milk for the hungry babies.  

Halo Sept 3Halo Sept 2

You can follow Halo’s adventures with her puppies on Facebook.

Submitted by our incredible PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Tara Dong.