Harley spent most of this month with lovely sitters. While there, he got to hang out with PADS Wasabi and became best buds with him! He also experienced a lot of new things! Here’s what the sitters had to say about him:
Harley was fantastic while he stayed with us. This little guy loves to have fun, but he also has a fantastic focus and work drive. Harley had lots of new experiences on his puppy-sitting adventure. He stayed with other dogs and learned to settle with them. He also learned his car manners from watching the older dogs. Harley attended the Country Fest Fair and met all sorts of animals; he did really well with around all them. He had fun on off-leash hikes, where he demonstrated his excellent recall. Harley was a joy to puppy-sit. He is confident, focused, and loves to work as well as play!

Submitted By: Bahar Salehpour