Harlow JulyI don’t even have an office, I live in a cubicle. As such introducing Harlow into the work environment has been a very interesting experience.

For example when she gently snores I can bang my wall and blame my colleague for sleeping at the job. No seriously there is not much that separates us from our team mates. But Harlow is so quiet and discrete that it has not been an issue at all. I have only one colleague who does not really want to have anything to do with this and because she is so discrete I think he does not even realize that she is there.
Most of my colleagues melt at the sight of her and regularly drop by for a dose of puppy love! As such my cubicle has had a major transformation: it has become a small square full of big smiles and happiness. And it does not end there. Of course we go out of our building regularly so she can do her business, and we often train a bit as well, and we get stopped all the time. Usually by colleagues from the wider work group, whom I may not know, and they too need a dose of puppy love. Here too we are rewarded with smiles and happiness, not to mention new friends.
The biggest burliest brute of my colleagues is her biggest fan. Ben is his name and his voice is but a deep rumble. But when he sees Harlow his face lights up and his voice reaches a pitch you would never guess he is capable of. When we walk by his cubicle we have to be sure to have an extra minute of time so the two can meet and greet. He would not have it any other way!
Attached is a photo of Harlow hard at work right by my side, like I said before gently snoring….
– Submitted by our fantastic PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Kris Papps