HarlowIt was a big day for Harlow at the Aquarium, watched the dolphins and the 4D show. She slept all the way home.  

After coming to PADS from GDF in New York with a volunteer in the cabin of a plane, she has already had a lot of socialization with us.  She’s gotten to meet and play with PADS dogs, Verdot, Brush, Chinook III, and Cotton, and Punkin the cat.  She has gone to her first Intro to Clicker Training, she went to a restaurant, to the store, to a business meeting, and on many car rides, and got to be cuddled by the RBC volunteers at the RBC Day of Service at PADS.  She has already learned that some good behaviours like Sit, Lets Go, and Better Go Now “outdoors”, and that her kennel-den is a snuggly place to have naps.  Harlow will be going to her wonderful new Raiser’s home this week where she will no doubt have many more adventures and will learn more about her new role as an Assistance Dog In Training.  Stay tuned for more of The Adventures of Harlow!

 Submitted by our fabulous PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Jeanine Ziolkoski  & Peter Henley