Harlow Oct2014 pic1Harlow’s first Halloween.

So my raiser took me out for Halloween, like out in our neighbourhood as well as out to our PADS’ campus. Well you have never seen the craziness that went on in that week, the world was not even recognizable!

Here is an example of what my neighbor’s yard looked like! Have you ever seen such craziness?

There were a lot of firecrackers, too, but I stayed cool as a cucumber!

But then it got even better, because us PADS puppies needed to get dressed up, too!

Harlow Oct2014 pic2Since it was my first time, I tried out some different things. First, I wanted to go “native,” you know just try on a different doggy style. I decided on uppy ears, like the ones Terriers have. Have a look at me in uppy ears:

Problem with this one was that for some reason I could not do this myself. I guess Terriers have some kind of tissue or muscle that us floppy eared dogs just don’t have. Well I am 8 months old now so big enough to go at it by myself, therefore I decided this would not do.

Then it dawned on me that although I was born in New York, I am a Canuck now and proud of it! So here is my final costume I decided on.
Harlow Oct2014 pic3
I had to get used to having my front paws in the sleeves; it felt weird. And the baseball cap kept on falling off my head, maybe because I don’t have uppy ears to secure it with!

Who knew Halloween could be so much fun?

Submitted by our awesome PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Kris Papps