“The Harper Report”

Harper continues her training on a daily basis. We attended in person classes and Harper gets very excited to see all her PADS friends almost to the point she has a control issue, but after a short period of time she settles in and works hard on her training.

The big adventure in July was she attended the Calgary Stampede. There she was introduced to horses, cows and sheep in the barns. She handled the visits very well and showed more curiosity than anything. She was also very studious while walking the midway with the hordes of people and also visited the Stampede Dream home. We also took in a show of stock dogs where by our surprise she did not bark. It was a very hot day so our visit was kept short.

She also went to the river with some other dogs this month to cool off, where she actually swam for the first time. We continue to work on her loose leash walking, class assignments and her barking at other dogs.

Submitted by: Dave MacRae