This month, during the pandemic (aka “pup paradise”) I have gone on great adventures.

There is a special park across the street from my house that is just for dogs and I can run on the beach and swim (and by “swim” I mean “prance around up to my knees” because I don’t like to go too deep).  My dad actually lets me go in the water but my mom doesn’t because she says I smell like a wet dog after.  I think I smell glorious and plus I shake it all off anyways!


Each weekend I go on a car ride and then a fun walk where there are lots of sights, sounds, smells, and new friends to meet.  One friend is called a horse, one friend is called a cow.  The horses really like me and sniff my nose but the cows won’t come close to me for some reason.  Maybe if I keep visiting they will like me better.

At home, I have been practicing my favourite skills like perch, bed, and down. I also learned a new thing called “go in” and I like that one now because it’s pretty fun.  I can’t wait to see what my teacher shows us next month!

Submitted By: Stacey Boyer