The big excitement for this month is that I met a bunch of my brothers and sisters at the off-leash dog park and we got to run and play all morning! It was so much fun to see everyone again and we all had so much fun together. We are also back to doing some in-person puppy training, which I love. We also got a boat and I got to go for a boat ride. It was fun, but I didn’t get to go on the tube-like all the humans? Maybe next time. August was moving month for me. I’ve never moved before. What a lot of work! I was exhausted, but thankfully mommy gave me a bunch of cuddles at the end of the day. I’m loving the new place as it has a balcony overlooking a walking trail, and there are A LOT OF DOGGIES to keep an eye on, so I’m super busy during the day.

Submitted by: Darren Boyer