Hebron is attentive, energetic, and a snuggle bunny. He loves to play and obediently train with his raiser, asking for an hour-long cuddle when he’s ready for down time.

Hebron has gone on a lot of outings, such as restaurants, brew pubs, malls, office buildings, coffee shops, grocery stores, and parks. Notably, he visited his human Grandma in hospital on Christmas Day where he instantly charmed all the nurses and lifted spirits – putting smiles on everyone’s face despite the fact they’d rather be at home with family.

Hebron is intelligent, picks up behaviour patterns quickly, and is working hard at his tuck sit and loose leash walking, with relative success in low distraction environments.

Hebron is very good at “going” on command when outside, although one funny time we have caught him “faking” a pee so he could have his Better Go party….nice try there little fur ball!

Submitted By: Stacey Boyer