December was the best. Not only did we move to a new place, it was also Christmas (and SantaPaws brought me a lot of fun things), and also my brother Judah came to stay with me for the weekend. We went on walks, we went to parks, we ran around and played, we slept, and we wore matching onesies, ate snacks, and stayed up late. We also practiced staying calm in the house around each other, and even though we are 2 years old, it was harder than you think! I also played with my new friend, a Great Dane Puppy! Also, in December, it snowed so much, and I invented a new game called Snow Plow, where I bury my head in the snow and then push the snow forward for as long as I can keep my head submerged. Besides my very cold feet, I love playing in the snow. So, ya, really – December was the BEST!

Submitted by: Stacey & Darren Boyer