I was busy this month! I’m almost 5 months old and I heard my raisers say I weigh a ton. I was a bit sick this month (just a little) and stayed at home with my raiser while I was sick. I’m feeling so much better now and back to work at my raiser’s offices. This month, I went to the beach for the first time. Digging my toes in the sand, was the bestest fun. It was cold outside, but I didn’t care! I just ran around, picked up sticks, played with my raisers and sniffed the sand as hard as I could!

This month, we also went to a lot of places where my raisers like to eat. It was quite boring, so I slept under the table. All the servers loved me! They all wanted to pet me, but my raisers said I was working. I do love the attention though. My raisers bought me a “raincoat” that I don’t like but I am wearing and it makes them happy. They said something about wet fur being smelly but the smellier the better if you ask me. Oh! I met a real fireman! I was with a puppy sitter and she took me to a fire station. They let me drive the fire truck (well not really)! OH, I also met a WHALE. He played with me and his raisers took my picture with him.

I am trying really hard to practice skills that I learned from my kindergarten teacher. There is a lot of practicing settling, my chin tucks, and my loose leash walking. I am the very best at sit, down, touch, and going up and downstairs. Lastly, I learnt about gum. If I step in it, it sticks to my feet and to my fur then I have to have a bath. I won’t be doing that again!

Submitted By: Stacey Boyer