Today was a month of firsts. I did so many things for the first time ever and I am exhausted! I had my first puppy swap – my brother Judah and I swapped houses for a week. It was really fun, even though I had never been away overnight from my raisers before. My brother Judah’s house had a really nice back yard and my raisers were French, they pronounced my name with an accent, which made me feel very “oooh laa laa” fancy. They also had teenagers who played and cuddled with me a lot, too. I lost my first tooth – it hurt a little and my Papa gave me ice cubes which are delicious. They are my favourite treat, even when I am not teething.

I had my first ‘Walk and Talk’ where I showed off my loose leash walking to Emma from PADS. I showed her how I can ignore garden gnomes and smelly garbage on the ground as well as other things she tried to trick me with. I think she was pretty impressed with my smooth moves!

I went on my first vacation to Osoyoos BC but my humans had to change it a little because of something called a pandemic? We haven’t gone out much lately since the pandemic but I’m happy as ever because my humans are home with me for all of the days! They call this a Pandemic but for me it’s called Paradise. They have taught me a new thing called “Perch” and I love it because I get to lift my legs to show off my hero stance. All of this happened in one month! I wonder what will happen in the next month when I turn six months old?

Submitted By: Stacey Boyer