I had another really fun month up in Osoyoos with my humans.  They told me that its always sunny up there.  They didn’t tell me I had to wear a silly raincoat with duckies on it when it wasn’t….

We did have some nice weather, though, so I got to take lots of walks around the lake. 

I also took to monitoring the dog park across the street from my trusty perch on the big rock in our back yard.  There’s a lot of action over there for me to keep track of and it gets rather exhausting.  Luckily I have my good old pal “Beary” to snooze with me on the step when we’re resting up for our next shift.


I also met a new friend and we played on the grass in the park. She’s just a puppy still – not a big boy like me – so I let her win and pin me to the ground a few times.  My humans rewarded me when we got home with a big juicy carrot all to myself.  It was delicious!  While I would probably eat just about anything, I think carrots are my favourite!

Submitted By: Darren and Stacey Boyer