I’ve been in a good routine during this strange quarantine/social distancing season.  I get to sleep in more than usual, my commute is much shorter (I just go to the bed in the living room), and I get to hang out with the cat all day.  It’s not bad, all things considering.

I still get to work on skills with mom and dad, but not out in public anymore.  We’re working on changing the cue “settle” to “bed” and I’m getting the hang of it.  I’ve also gotten quite good at “perch”, where I stick just my front feet on an object.


Usually when mom and dad are done their work for the day, we get to go for a walk in our neighbourhood, which is fun too.  We continue to work on loose leash walking and ignoring the other neighbourhood dogs when we pass them.  A dog’s life is a good life!

Submitted By: Anderson Wiebe