I’ve had another great month. This month I got to do a couple new things. I went to visit my great-grandma Santini for a week while my human went to a conference. He said I would have been bored out of my skull to have sat through 4 days of meetings. It was much more fun to go to a different school with my puppy-sitter and spend time on her acreage with the other dogs. You can see the 4 of us in one of my pictures. I also have had a bit of a vacation from my usual work at school because of the Christmas holidays. This means that I have had more time to sleep in, play at the dog park, visit with my human’s family (and their new puppy!), and generally relax. It’s been nice, but I am looking forward to getting back into our old routine again. I am working on some new skills: heel/side, beginning to learn the “pop-up stand” and trying to focus on always staying right beside my human -even if they suddenly stop walking, or are going up/down stairs. Wow, I’ve got to pay close attention whenever we’re walking together.

Submitted By: Anderson Wiebe