Wow, what a month! We moved to a new house that has a second floor where I can look out from the deck and see the whole world! It’s great!

I got to go with my raiser to the swimming pool with his students. It was fun watching them swim, but I was quite content to just sit on the deck.

We also got to go on Christmas vacation. It’s strange when your schedule changes, but I got used to sleeping in and laying in front of the wood fireplace.

My raisers got a new kitten, too. He’s fun, but I wish he would let me play with him more.

I’ve been continuing to work on settling in busy places (the mall/restaurants/etc…). I even got to go with my raiser to his dentist appointment! Eeek, those drills don’t sound like fun at all. I have also been working on adding more duration to my various other cues.

Submitted By: Anderson Wiebe