We tried to make an effort this month to do some different things outside of the usual. Instead of going in the car to do some errands one day, Hendrick got to ride on the bus. We live in a suburb where buses are not very busy or crowded, so it felt safe. Another day we drove to a bigger city. We walked up and down a busy main street with tons of traffic, noisy high-rise construction, and many people coming and going. Hendrick got to practice all of his skills in a completely different environment with higher distraction. He handled it quite well! Back at home, we went to the farm market to visit the animals, and for the first time, Hendrick got close enough to the sheep to boop noses with one of them! He still thinks the black calf is a bit scary though, and it’s not so little anymore! Of course, there was lots of time for walks and the occasional trip to an off-leash area to run off some steam too.

Submitted by: Karen