Hermon here. There’s excitement in the air because the holidays are coming, it’s dark outside in the evenings and some people decorate their houses with lights and big wobbly statues of snowmen and other characters. I love going for walks and my raiser takes lots of photos of me. She says it actually helps me practice sitting still for longer.

When we walk I have to not sniff grass and trees and it’s really hard. I get kibble for being good and sometimes I do well and get lots of it. If I try hard I sometimes get to go for an off leash run on the dyke and it feels good to be free for a while.

Indoors, the family put up a little tree with lights on, cute elves, lights and other decorations. Sometimes I tried to sneak off with the elves but it seemed like someone was always watching me.
I am getting some extra training which is helping me make good choices and teaching me not to sneak off with things I shouldn’t be touching. Those exercises are great because I get extra kibble and I love to eat.

Just before Christmas, the children finished school and then a huge surprise happened – it snowed! Lots and lots of snow! I have to admit that I didn’t really like it, it’s just cold and the kids expected me to stay outside with them. The worst thing was having to sit in the snow whilst they took more photos. My poor bottom got so cold!
We spent a lovely, foggy morning walking around Fort Langley looking at statues and buildings. After Christmas I went to a sitter and had a great week in a lovely warm apartment with a lovely lady who gave me lots of tummy rubs.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to you!

Submitted By: Jo Brand