Hello Hermon here. Well I think it rained almost every day this month – mud and puddles all over and you know I’m not a big fan of the rain. My raiser has been finding some ways to do extra training indoors. Last weekend we walked slowly up and down the stairs and down and up and up and down until my legs ached. I had to walk slowly, one step at a time. My kennel is close to the bottom of the stairs so sometimes I would sneak off and hide in my kennel.

I am working on duration sits and downs but out of sight of my raiser. Sometimes I just like to be able to see her but she wants me to do my cues when she’s in another room. That’s really hard so we don’t do it much but I realize what I have to do and am going to try really hard. Every day I go for a leash walk, or two, and I am not allowed to sniff posts, trees and fire hydrants. They smell so good and I find it very hard to ignore them but I’m working on it. Sometimes yummy treats come out and then I ignore the temptations.

One thing that I’m really good at is meeting the children from the bus stop. I see them coming and I wait nicely and don’t jump up. We practice that every day. Sometimes when we’re out and about though people look and smell unusual and it makes me want to jump up so my raiser keeps a close eye on me. Happy Valentine’s to you – I am going to have a very lovely Valentine’s weekend with a very lovely sitter.

Submitted by: Jo Brand