Hello, Hermon here.  I’ve had a fairly uneventful month. 

The family that I’m with now are all getting used to me and the kids all love my waggly greetings in the morning and especially after school.  I stand on the deck when they get off the bus, they walk down the road and I am so happy to see them.

I’ve discovered that I don’t like the rain.  Don’t try to get me to walk far in it because I won’t enjoy it! 

Now we usually wait for it to stop.



I went to a sitter for a few days and it was lovely.  They had a big wood fire that I used to lie by and the house was nice and quiet.  Quiet is good and I’m realizing that I don’t actually like going out too much.

What I’m learning this month is how to lie on my bed even when I want to get up.  Apparently it’s good for me to stay on my bed and ignore the temptations.  Also I’m learning not to be so inquisitive and I don’t have to see what’s in every bag and box and cupboard – that’s hard for me because I think there might be something really exciting in the bag or box.  People keep coming to the door and leaving boxes and I’m very good and quietly let them come and go.

We have found a nice trail too where I can go off leash and have a little run.  It’s great to be free and sniff the trees. They say that Christmas is coming soon and so I want to wish you all a very safe and quietly Merry Christmas.

Submitted By: Jo Brand