Hermon here.

October has been busy and fun with lots of outings.

 My raiser now has decided that training and walks before lunch might tire me out and so we keep active.

After a kennel nap we practice my duration downs, which is getting easier.

I’ve been for lots of walks on trails and through forests; the air is cold and tree colours are pretty.  Most of the time I stay on leash – when I see another dog I just want to go and say hi and play but I’m not allowed.  We are working hard on that and I am supposed to be learning to ignore them.  Sometimes I get an off leash run and I’m really good and stay close to the kibble.


We play a fun game where I have to sit and wait whilst my raiser walks away, then she gives me a yes command and I can move.  It’s getting easier to sit for longer now.  Exploring for treasures around the house, in bags, in cupboards, in the recycling box and on tables is what I really enjoy, but I’m not allowed.  They say I’m impulsive and we are trying to work on that.  I had my first visit to a coffee shop, too, and I was really well behaved.  All in all I’m settling in and adjusting to my new home.

Submitted By: Jo Brand