I turned 10 months old in January! We explored some new local trails with some lovely views (at least my raiser said the views were nice..I only cared about the smells!) I had a bath at Bosley’s, and the blowdryer was used on my coat to dry and fluff it up afterwards – the noise and feel were no big deal to me. I spent some time with a sitter and my friend Ruby, the Vizsla. We hiked Norvan Falls in the snow, and I went with my raiser to get her booster vaccine. I did my best Pawfessor Hex in glasses character – don’t I look smart? 

I love to be pretzeled, so I ensured my raiser made me into Pretzel Puppy many times this month – sometimes, I even fall asleep whilst being pretzeled! 

Submitted by: Heather Cochrane