I turned 4 months old in July! This month I survived a heat wave, an encounter with a baby, and a grocery store trip! I went in a kayak, on a paddle board, and floated on a unicorn. I got to hang out with my sponsors and their dog, and I went on a looong car ride to go on vacation. I impressed my raiser during the car ride – she says I made a lot of improvements since my first few days in the car..and here I thought she liked hearing the song of my people. I practiced being in my kennel, and wore my lifejacket so proudly. I went camping for the first time, went swimming, and met some horses! My raiser also took me to see the mountains and I rode in her backpack – and fell asleep and snores on the way down the mountain, oops. I also accompanied my raiser to get her second vaccine – I’m glad we’re both fully vaccinated now! Hope you all had as much fun this month as I did!

Submitted by: Heather Cochrane