Himala lives with Dorothy and Kevin Root, who are the Breeder Caretakers for PADS Porter II, and also puppy-raisers of PADS Hawaii.  Porter had her first litter on July 4 – the Rocky Mountain Litter – and Himala turned out to be a great Aunt for the puppies, playing gently with them whenever Porter needed a break, accompanying them on “adventures” in the big backyard, and lying down for a nap with them to give them someone else warm to lean against if they wanted that.

Himala is a steady, happy dog who accompanies Dorothy to all the PADS Displays and Puppy Cuddling events we do in Calgary.  In the one picture, she is lying down in front of our display at the City of Calgary Ambassador Off-leash Working Dogs Day, held this past September.  Dorothy is sitting on the chair at the right.  A sitter, Yo, is kneeling on the ground beside PADS Reese.

During the whole month of October, Dorothy and Kevin have been in Peru on a holiday, so Himala has been with a Sitter, Helena.  Helena forwarded the two photos of Himala, one sitting, and one lying down.  For Halloween, Helena dressed Himala in a glittery, LED light up Pumpkin costume, which Himala wore like a trouper with no difficulties!  She will be very excited tomorrow when Dorothy and Kevin pick her up from Helena, after arriving home from their trip!

Submitted By: Wendy Proudlock