Jagger had a very busy December!

The first week of December was spent at the home of PADS sitter Sue, who he attended his first formal Christmas concert in a theatre with and who he got to explore many new (to him) places with.

Once his raiser was back in town, it was time to get the Christmas shopping done so he spent many days in busy shopping malls and attending a number of large craft fairs. He also attended several Christmas parties/dinners in restaurants and private homes. Handling it all very calmly. He has become a real pro at riding the Seabus and SkyTrain to downtown Vancouver and back home.

In December, Jagger also started to go the office for a few half days with Glenn were he was warmly welcomed as a new company employee. His most favourite part of December was his first time playing in snow while out on a hike on a local mountain, although growing up nicely he is still very much a pup!

He spent Christmas on Vancouver Island and stayed so quiet under the upper deck seat coming home on the ferry that the person sitting next to his raiser was not even aware he was there until it was time to head back down to the car deck.

Submitted by our fantastic PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Carol Hale.