Jagger Sept 1The folks at PADS said I should tell you something about my raiser this month.

Her name is Carol and here is a photo of us at the beach together this summer.  She is retired but keeps busy by serving on community boards and doing volunteer work with Alpine Canada with able-bodied and para athletes at ski races.  She tells me she can’t wait for the snow to start falling so she can show me what a sit ski is! I have no idea what snow is but it sounds like it might be fun.

She likes to camp so we went to a lot of different places this summer in a cool little trailer that she calls home away from home. The trailer is so small my crate takes up most of the floor space. We had to go buy a new trailer crate last week as I have out grown my first one. We got one that folds down so it can fit through the door.  Did I mention shopping? She loves to take me shopping but she calls it training!  Sometimes we go to downtown Vancouver where there are lots of shops and even more distractions for me to learn to ignore.  What I have learned from our outings is my raiser is most happy and I, in turn, score lots of treats if I don’t do a quality control check on the leather of any new shoes she tries on in the stores. It’s the same when we go grocery shopping. It apparently makes her happy if I don’t do a freshness test on everything she puts in the shopping basket. That’s a hard one for me as she always buys carrots as treats for me and I love fresh carrots!

She also likes going out for lunch or coffee with friends – she calls that training as well. I guess it is as I am having to learn not to pop my head up every minute or two to check on whether or not everyone at our table is enjoying their meal.  It’s a hard one for me as I am not the type of guy who likes to lay around doing nothing.  But I am working hard at it and I stayed in a down for almost an hour in the theatre during the PADS graduation ceremony last weekend.

Jagger Sept 2Our real home – the one without wheels – is pretty cool as well. It’s near a river so every day after training we go for a walk and explore the trails near it. Our house has a big garden that I like to help out in by keeping the plants trimmed – oops, I probably shouldn’t tell you about that as I know that’s one thing that doesn’t make my raiser very happy.  Here is a photo of me in the garden.

My raiser’s partner, Glenn, also lives with us and he is my official PADS sitter. He works for a company that builds power lines. He works from home one day a week and I have been practising with him at home so that one day soon I can go to work with him.  He likes going back-country skiing and hiking. He takes me out for a walk around the neighbourhood most nights.  I have gotten very good at keeping close and checking back with my handler when on off-leash walks so he has started to take me for hikes up on the mountain behind our house on weekends. I really like those hikes!

Submitted by our awesome PADS puppy-in-training, Jagger, and his incredible PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Carol Hale.