I’ve had quite an adventure this month. I went on a long car ride from BC with some friends and drove to Calgary. Then, I met new people and went to my Airbnb. My new peeps are a great family – two teens and two parents. I’ve been enjoying my time and Airbnb space while I wait to start advanced training. 

We’ve been really busy – we go for daily walks for exercise. I’ve been to many appointments, including hospital visit (humans), optometrist and orthodontist. I love to be out and about, and I’m so chill I just plunk myself down to support my peeps. 

I was chilling in the living room when one of my peeps yelped from the kitchen. It was a weird sound, and then she called someone else to come and help. She was over the sink, and it looked like maybe she had cut her finger – there was a lot of blood. My friend was starting to breathe very fast and shaking, and then I heard her say she thought she might throw up. My other peeps helped her walk to the living room, but she wasn’t settling down. I could tell the others were panicking, so I walked over to her in the living room and put my head on her lap. She touched my head, and she calmed down right away. My peeps thanked me over and over again for helping my friend from being in shock. I assured them it was no big deal – I just knew they needed my help. 

I went to a groom room a couple of times. The groomer is friends with one of my new friends. I had a really good time. Some shop dogs and other dogs were being groomed. My friend gave me a bath, which was ok – but I felt much better afterwards. And everyone kept telling me how soft I was. 

We’ve also had some fun adventures – we went to the movies, to a ball hockey game, and we even went camping! That was an absolute hoot! I don’t think I’ve ever been in something that has walls that slide in and out. And when the walls move out – there is a lot more room – they keep calling it a ‘slide’ – whatever it is, it’s pretty cool. 

When camping, I got to be outside almost all day. I met some new dog friends, and we went to the river. I LOVED it!!! We played in the water and along the shore for almost an hour. I loved being in the water, but I was exhausted afterwards. I heard them say we are going camping again – I’ll share those adventures next time.

Submitted by: Auntie B.