Jax got to experience some of the Vernon Winter Carnival events. He was fascinated by the big colourful hot air balloons and wasn’t even bothered when they made a loud whooshing noise. He was very curious about all the strange characters and sounds from the various floats in the parade.

Jax had his 1st birthday on February 11th. Hard to believe he came to me in this tiny soft kennel. We celebrated with a fun romp along the snowshoe trail with his puppy friends, PADS Caddy and Tucker.

Jax has a new playmate. We adopted a rescue kitten. Noelle thinks Jax is the best, and she runs to greet him when we return from an outing. Her favourite is playing with his tail.

Jax is going to Lavington Elementary School twice a week. He spends time with the students in the Resource Room and participates in school activities and events. Last week the Winter Games Wheelchair Basketball Team was at the school. Jax got to join the Principal and wheel around in the gymnasium. The students are learning the protocol and manners around an Assistance Dog in Training.

Submitted by: Carol Benz