Jax and PADS Caddy had a SPA Day at Vernon Total Pet. Nails trimmed, a good brushing and Oatmeal Shampoo. Jax was all nice and clean for his week with a new Puppy Raiser/Sitter, Jasmine and her family, January 18 – 25th. They really enjoyed having him.

Jax walked inside Kal Tire Place with PADS Gherkin, Caddy and Texas when the temperature dropped to -14c. All the pups were very well-mannered when we went for coffee at Starbucks. Even pups got to enjoy a Starbucks Treat.

PADS Toast (3 months) came to our house for an off-leash romp on the golf course behind my home. Jax was a good Mentor, playing gently with the little guy and showing his recall skills when called.

Submitted by: Carol Benz