Jax will be heading off to Advanced Training in a few weeks so we did his “Pre-Advanced Testing” at Home Alive Pet-store in Kelowna with our Trainer Tamara. Jax has to work on a 1-minute Stand duration, and a little less sniffing in the pet-food aisle, but overall, Jax is a very solid, mature pup. He has been an absolute pleasure to raise. We have been trading Handlers during Puppy-class, and Jax is relaxed and content to follow cues from another person.

After puppy class, several raisers have walked along the Okanagan Rail Trail and then let the pups enjoy a swim in the Lake. Jax is a very good swimmer and loves the water.

Jax had his photo taken with several of the classic and vintage cars, at the Polson Park Cruisers Car Show.

We have joined Chris and Jack with PADS Birdie & Jeff (pet dog) at Lake Country for Music in the Park…the pups are so calm, and well-behaved even with all the food, kids, and activity.

Jax and I took my Mom to pick out a sweet watermelon at Davison’s Farm Market. Jax loves frozen watermelon treats at the beach, or out on the paddleboard.

Submitted by: Carol Benz