Jax attended several social events in June. He joined the PADS group to march in the Pride Parade. (Kelowna) He was a very calming influence and shared the puppy bed with little PADS Peony. Jax had a play date with Tiller and PADS Texas, he enjoyed a dip in the pool to cool off. Jax was invited to check out many of the Search and Rescue vehicles at their open house. Jax and several other pups had their eye exam at Okanagan Animal Eye Care. Jax was included in several photos at my granddaughter’s graduation.

Jax spent 2 weeks with puppy sitter Andrea, going to her work during the week and joining her for hikes and swimming on weekends. Andrea and Jax joined other PADS pups at the Total Pet Sponsorship event. They also had a weekend at Adams Lake, where Jax entertained himself in the water.

Jax was invited to join the Grade 7 graduation at the Lavington School, where he spends one day a week in the Resources room. One of the students even made him a special bow tie for the occasion.

Submitted by: Carol Benz