October was another beautiful warm month. We even went for a swim in Kalamalka Lake, and the water wasn’t too cold.

Our Okanagan puppy classes were held in Polson Park, where we worked on distractions. There were several other PADS dogs, lots of good sniffing in the grass, many children playing, and noisy ducks everywhere.

Jax & PADS Gherkin enjoyed a golf-cart ride to Sparking Hills Resort, where they showed how brave they were by walking on the grated walkway…they were much happier walking on the lovely carpet inside the lobby.

Jax helped to brighten the day for patients and staff in the lab at Vernon Jubilee Hospital…while waiting for Gram’s lab work.

Jax & PADS Birdie had a fun off-leash hike and romp along the Cypress trail. They were both good with recall and returned immediately.

Jax was very curious about all the pumpkins at Davison’s Farm Store. He did get to sample some pumpkin when neighbour girls were doing their carving. Jax watched the Halloween fireworks from our deck and wasn’t concerned with the booming.

Submitted by: Carol Benz