This month has been wild with adventures. I still don’t love a 5 am wake-up but I’m starting to be a bit more accepting of an early start to the day. I am awake and ready for adventure by 6:30 now instead of 7 pm.

I have been enjoying walks and have been busy out and about. I’ve been to meetings, doctor appointments, the orthodontist, visiting the hospital and even a Halloween store. I’ve watched a few ball hockey games, some basketball and even watched some sledding. We spent some time outside in the foothills and the landscape was spectacular. I love nature!

I’ve made two new friends and they have jobs that only involve dogs. These are my kind of people! Sometimes I hang out with them in the shop and sometimes I’m lucky enough to visit the spa. I get to use an extra fancy shampoo that my family says makes me smell delicious. After I’m clean I get dried with a fancy dryer – sometimes it’s softer and I chill in a crate and my fur dries. Other times I get up on the grooming table – I listen and follow commands from many of my friends – and then I get a faster drying process. This time I had a “paw-dicure” and my nails were trimmed and dremelled. Everyone was saying that I was “such a handsome boy!”

I love it when my family has company because people genuinely make me happy. I have so much love and I want to share it with everyone.

I love laying in the sun and it’s extra awesome if I can lay outside and soak up some rays. It was so hot earlier this month and then BAM! There was snow. This snow has been mind-blowing. It is SO fun! I just love putting my nose into the snow and trying to sniff to the ground and then I jump around with joy. It is absolutely magnificent. It’s the best way to enjoy my off-duty time!

Submitted by: B.