September has been the best month!

I’m really getting into this camping deal. The smells are incredible and the mountains are beautiful. I’ve seen Mountain bikers, cows, ducks, dirt bikes, and even llamas. One evening I got to snooze while my family sat around the fire. I’ve been very busy walking. I’ve even done a couple of hikes and they are pretty fun and the smells are outstanding!

I’ve been to quite a few appointments this month: doctor’s appointments, a hospital visit, a parent meeting at a school and two trips to the Children’s Hospital emergency room. I’ve also been to five ball hockey games and on a few shopping trips.

I do have two small complaints: one being this family gets up really early! I’m talking 5:00 a.m.! I just can’t handle it. I much prefer to take on my day around 6:30. I also put myself to bed around 9:00 and if I’m feeling really wild I’ll stay up until 9:30. This family stays up later than that and I confess I just can’t do it – I’m snoring by 9:31 pm.

My other complaint is that the two boys in my family have started going away Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 3:30 in the afternoon. They keep complaining about going to school so I guess that’s where they’re going. I don’t love that they go to school during the day as I miss their snuggles and company. They both have friends who stop by which I absolutely love! And I really enjoy cheering them on at their various sports.

When I’m just hanging out after my working day, I love to sit on the back porch and survey the yard. I enjoy watching the birds, squirrels and even the trees blowing in the wind. I confess I also love snoozing in the sun.

It’s been a great month!

Submitted by: BW