They grow up so quickly!  This month Jedi retired his baby cape and graduated to the medium size one!  The new one is a much better fit!  Here is the Before and After!
      We had a few unique outings this month.  We went to an aquarium shop that also had a few other animals.  It took quite a while for Jedi to notice there were animals behind the glass.  Once he did, he just tilted his head in curiosity.  Such a good boy!
    We also went to a Lego convention where the center was PACKED with people!  Jedi was a rock star!  He handled the crowd so well!!!  I was very proud of him!  After the exhibits, we went to the kids play area where we relaxed while the kids built Lego.
      When Jedi was smaller, his spot in the car was in the passenger side wheel well.  Now that he’s bigger he can ride in the back seat.  As you can see, that makes for two happy boys!

Submitted By: Puppy-Raiser Sedore Family