Jedi celebrated his first Canada Day at the Burnaby Village Museum.  There were lots of new sights, sounds, and smells!  We wandered through all the buildings, saw a blacksmith working, talked with a teacher at the school, saw the carousel, had a picnic, watched the kids play old fashioned games, and we even saw another PADS dog!  Jedi got lots of practice staying focused, which can be hard in such a new, exciting environment!

Jedi also had his first trip to the movie theatre.  While it wasn’t to see Star Wars, it was another rather fitting movie…The Secret Life of Pets!  Jedi had no problem being in the dark theatre.  He just laid by our feet and accepted an occasional treat for being such a good boy!  Every once in awhile he would perk up when a dog on-screen would bark!  Other than that, he completely ignored the movie, which is exactly what we want him to do.

Submitted By: Sedore Family